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Paul Cardon is a husband to Marci, a father of four children, a graduate of Brigham Young University and Northwestern University Dental School, a veteran of 22 years in the United States Air Force Dental Corps, and a skier and recumbent bicyclist working in Jefferson City, MO.

Have a beautiful smile at any age and erase dental aging!!

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I’m making an extraordinary FREE, NO STRINGS ATTACHED SPECIAL OFFER, but to learn why you should take advantage of it to fight back against dental aging, let me tell you about someone who really had a tough situation to live with.

Age changes lots of things, and not often in the ways we’d like, right? Our skin, our hair, our waistlines… most of what time does to them doesn’t make us smile back at the person in the mirror. Our smiles change, too, from the wear and tear we put them through over the years.

A spectacular smile defies aging!

Changes in our smiles can be sudden and dramatic—like when something breaks—but most aging escapes everyday notice until we compare what we’re left with to what we once had. The smile we used to have (or always hoped we’d have) may no longer be the one staring back at us in the mirror.

Maybe you’ve recognized these signs of aging in your smile:

  • Yellowing and staining teeth
  • Cracking teeth (prior to breaking)
  • Broken off/missing portions of teeth
  • Chipping/wearing down of edges and/or points of teeth
  • Receding gums exposing tooth roots
  • Abrasion/notching/decaying of exposed tooth roots
  • Missing teeth causing loss of jaw bone
  • Crowding/overlapping of teeth worsening over time
  • Tipping/movement of teeth into vacant spaces


One Woman’s Misery From Dental Aging
Take my friend Julie’s experience, for example. By her mid-40’s, her smile had aged so much she could’ve been mistaken for someone well over 60 years old. Although she’d taken good care of herself in other respects, when she showed her teeth (which was as seldom as possible for her), they screamed, “OVER THE HILL!”

Julie had a great life in many respects, but she was miserable because of her teeth. Lately, they hurt most of the time. She had to watch what she ate and drank because she felt shocking pains when she put certain things in her mouth. Getting a good night’s sleep wasn’t easy, either.

When I first met her, even the mere thought of showing a stranger her smile brought tears of embarrassment to her eyes. Her grown daughter, at her side for moral support, looked on sadly but couldn’t offer much more than sympathy.

Julie, I learned later, had a pretty nice smile in her 20’s—before raising three kids who, incidentally, had beautiful, white, straight teeth themselves. Like many dutiful adults, she’d given higher priority to others’ needs while she neglected some of her own, like the condition of her teeth and gums.

Does your smile help or hurt your self-confidence?

A Dental “War Zone” That Got Her Labeled
Her smile had become the dental version of a “war zone”: teeth ‘bombed out’ by decay; many chipped or broken; a few infected with gums swollen and red; all of them yellowed or stained brown; some missing or poorly positioned. The combined effect was a smile Julie was too mortified to show, even around her loved ones at home.

If that wasn’t enough cause for misery, when she’d gathered her courage to finally see a dentist, instead of help she got scolded for letting things get this bad! Like she needed another reason to regret what the years had done to her smile…

She knew that any solution for her teeth would take a fair amount of time and effort, but spending her time and funds on treatment while the dentist and his help looked down on her was too high a price to pay. So she decided to try another office where maybe she could get understanding instead of judgment.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.05.13 PM

A Dentist Who Listened To Instead Of Lectured Her
That’s when we first heard from Julie. She wanted another opinion and hoped to find a better option. We arranged a free consultation visit with her to learn about her concerns. Before jumping to conclusions about what was best for her, we just listened. Until we’d heard what she wanted (and what she didn’t) in enough depth to get a sense for what she felt was most important, we held back from making any recommendations.

Early in my 29 years of dental practice, I found cases like Julie’s were why I loved my work. As a young Air Force dentist, I gained experience managing challenging and complex cases because of the advanced residency training I’d gone through after dental school. I understood from those experiences that the ability to tackle the most complicated conditions wasn’t worth much unless the person receiving care was really happy with both the process and the results of that care. Whether the treatment plan was short and simple or more involved, I learned to focus on delivering what’s most valued by the person being treated, and not to forget the person connected to the teeth!


That approach has produced relationships with people I’ve gotten to know and care about through treating their smiles. The chance to help make their lives better is what makes work fun for me. Over the years, I’ve been able to find dependable solutions for hundreds of people with problems like Julie’s so their damaged smiles looked and felt young again and stayed that way a long time!

A Long-Term Solution For Julie
With her family’s input, Julie gave us a clear picture of what she was hoping her smile would feel and look like. Of course, she wanted to be pain-free, but the treatment process had to eliminate, not add to, her misery—it had to feel great, in fact.

The appearance of her smile had to reflect the way she’d used to look years earlier—or better! She wanted to smile with confidence like she used to be able to. And if she was going to invest very much in her treatment, it had to last a long time.

We made a plan designed just for Julie. In just a few visits, her broken-down, discolored, painful smile would be transformed into one that would feel great, radiate youthful beauty and confidence, and last her a long, long time. Most of the dentistry she’d ever need could be accomplished in just a few visits to save her time, trouble, and dollars for years to come.

Elderly couple
Isn’t it time your smile radiated your best self?

An Iron-Clad Guarantee Against Pain
To make sure Julie’s treatment experience was the best it could be, her dental solution included the most advanced pain prevention strategy available without the high cost of general anesthesia. She chose ‘twilight sleep’ sedation so her work could be done in the most relaxed, comfort-able—and safe—way possible.

But sedation’s not the only barrier we used to protect Julie from pain. Even while being numbed, no less than three separate, additional pain-blocking measures made sure she felt as comfort-able as possible. She relaxed while her work was being done, and by the time she was fully alert again, it was over!

A Return To A More Beautiful, Durable Smile
In just a few visits, Julie was able to enjoy way more confidence in herself because her smile—beautiful, straight, white teeth surrounded by healthy pink gums—was restored to even better condition than it was in her 20’s. What a difference it made in how much younger she felt!

With the benefit of a few dental implants, her new smile not only looks great, it feels good and secure when she eats, speaks, or laughs in public. No more reasons to eat only what doesn’t cause pain or won’t embarrass her in front of others. And it will last her for many, many years to come.

A spectacular smile gets noticed!

But What Does All This Cost?
You may feel hesitant, wondering whether you could afford the investment in yourself it takes to have dramatic changes made like Julie had to her teeth. I know, lots of folks feel it may be difficult to afford the care they want to have done. What Julie, and others like her have found, is that there are multiple ways to finance dental care to make it possible to fit the care you want done into your budget.

With flexible financing options, the cost of putting off the benefits of having a healthy, confident, youthful, and painless smile may be more than you realize. Why go on feeling a lack of self-assurance in your smile when you could feel like you’re at your best? Why continue accepting the systemic health risks of unchecked inflammation and infection in your mouth? Why limit the foods you can enjoy (and that help keep you healthy) to what’s easy to eat with broken or missing teeth and swollen gums?

But finding out what your preferred dental options might be costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time—and we’ve got a special limited offer to make finding out more rewarding for you!

A Special Offer For Those Who Want To Turn Back The Clock

I’m so sure you’ll love the way a younger-looking smile will rev up your confidence and have friends envious of you that I’m making an incredible offer. If you’re one of the first 5 people this month to contact us by phone or email, we’ll schedule a FREE 30-minute exam and consultation including any needed radiographs—and hand you a $50 certificate for an elegant local restaurant  at the end of your visit, no strings attached!

During the consult visit, I’ll sit down privately with you to review what you’re concerned with and advise you of any findings from my examination. You’ll be able to find out—at no charge—how quickly and easily you can enjoy a healthy, attractive smile that takes decades off your appearance. If you’re hoping to learn how soon you can enjoy eating what you want instead of eating what you’re forced to by missing, broken, or hurting teeth, you’ll get that info, too.

It’s your choice–you can have a long-lasting, beautiful smile

Two Ways to Claim Your Free Consultation Visit and Gift Certificate
If you’d like to be one of the first 5 people this month to take advantage of this limited special offer for a free consultation with radiographs and a no-strings-attached $50 restaurant gift certificate, you should:

Call Debbie, my office manager, between 8 AM and 4 PM, Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri at 573-636-5522 and tell her “I’d like to schedule a free consultation visit to receive the $50 restaurant gift certificate”


• Email Debbie at and ask her to call you to schedule your free consultation visit including a no-strings-attached $50 restaurant gift certificate

No Pressure Promise
Don’t worry—this isn’t some setup for a high pressure pitch to accept a prescription for treatment you don’t want. Our job is simply to tell you what we find during your visit and offer any solutions that could help you get what you want. Your job will be to decide which, if any, of those solutions is the right one for you at that time.

If You Miss Out On This Special Offer
When we’ve scheduled free consultations and given out the $50 restaurant gift certificates to the first 5 people who respond this month, our special offer will end. We’d still be delighted to see you in our office any time, but if you’re not quite ready, you may be interested in future special promotions we may run.

If so, you’ll find our free report “Quick Guide to Understanding Adult Dental Reconstruction” a valuable help. We’d be happy to send you a free copy—just CLICK HERE to receive this valuable report about the exciting and affordable options for dazzling smiles now!

There’s no need to stand idly by as the ravages of time take their toll on your smile. “You’re only as old as you feel” may be true, but when that person in the mirror shows the telltale signs of an aged smile, you can’t feel the confidence you felt when your smile was in better shape. An attractive, healthy smile helps you look and feel your best. That’s why I got started getting my own smile on track to being the best it can be after hitting my early 50’s.

I really hope you’ll take advantage of my offer and call or email Debbie. She’s so popular with our patients they often hang around after their work is done visiting with her. You’ll really like Alicia, our hygienist, and Jane, my dental assistant, too. They’re terrific at putting folks at ease. They helped me ‘turn back the clock’ with Julie’s great new smile, and we can do the same for you! Give us a call or drop us an email before this offer ends!


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P.S. Only 5 people each month who call or email Debbie to schedule a free consultation visit will receive the $50 restaurant gift certificate, so call or email us today! It could be your first step toward the rejuvenated youthful smile your friends will envy and your ‘significant other’ will never tire of seeing you show off!